Welcome to Amberhail

From the dwarven mountains and greenskin wastes in the east,
To the arcane isles, the magic-drenched home of the high elves and elementals,
From the fey touched isles of Yosei Rura, to the smog covered cities of Ozeanhurrcher,
From tranquil boughs of the great wood, to the fierce wars for territory in the Underdark,
No shortage is there of adventures to be had, and stories to be told in and about this world.

Amberhail is a world where magic rains from the sky trapped in amber colored stone. It is a world where long ago, gods and men waged war against giants and dragons both…and won. A world in which global power struggles breed war and intrigue. A world of mysticism, and majesty, darkness and death, but most of all… Adventure!

Presented by Art & Apocrypha